DP Taxation Takes the Stage at Forbes India’s Select 200 Companies Meet

27 Oct 2023 Taj Palace, New Delhi

Dhana Pillai, the Managing Director of DP Taxation, took center stage at the Forbes India’s Select 200 Companies with Potential for Global Expansion Meet, held at the iconic Taj Palace in New Delhi on October 26-27, 2023. Pillai's insightful presentation shed light on the intricacies of UAE Corporate Tax Law and underscored the critical importance of prioritizing cross-border tax considerations in an era dominated by artificial intelligence and generative startups with substantial potential for global expansion.

In a dynamic address, Pillai emphasized the evolving landscape of business operations, with a global clientele and investors. As these innovative ventures gain traction and accumulate significant revenue and profits, the complexities surrounding taxation rights intensify, with countries vying for a share of the financial pie.

Pillai delved into the challenges faced by companies operating in the digital sphere, where borders are blurred, and transactions seamlessly transcend geographical boundaries. The potential for nations to compete for taxation rights becomes a critical concern, necessitating a proactive approach to tax planning right from the inception of these ventures.

DP Taxation's expertise in navigating the intricacies of international tax laws positions the company as a valuable ally for enterprises seeking to thrive in an interconnected and dynamic business environment.

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