Wealth Planning and Asset Protection

While we help our clients with planning their estates, we advise our clients not only about how to proceed, but we also draft legal documents to implement the wealth planning structure. Our tax-saving strategies extend to structuring and registering wealth planning vehicles to protect underlying assets from third-party attacks and creditors. We assist in Trust, Funds, and Foundation setups in the UAE, ensuring legacy and succession planning without taxable events. Our services include remobilizing the Hold Co from jurisdictions with increasing push factors to the UAE. We optimize governance for family offices, individuals, or holding businesses, minimizing tax burdens for our clients. We support in law, accounting, and advisory.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CT rates are:

• 0% for taxable income up to AED 375,000;
• 9% for taxable income above AED 375,000.
This 0% threshold does not apply for Qualified Free Zone Persons.

Free zone businesses will be subject to Corporate Tax, but the UAE and Oman will continue to honor the Free Zone Tax Incentive Regimes while bearing in mind that the Global Minimum tax at 15% may have impact on these tax rates.

A Qualified Free Zone Person is a free zone person that meets all the following conditions:
• Maintains adequate substance in the state.
• Derives qualifying income
• Has not elected to be subject to pay corporate tax in the UAE
• Complies with the Transfer Pricing Documentation.

The Corporate Tax Rate for UAE QFZP is at:
• 0% on qualifying income,
• 9% on non-qualifying income.

The QFZP rule shall apply to DIFC and ADGM companies.

The UAE Corporate Tax Law regime became on 1 June 2023.

UAE Corporate Tax will not apply on an individual’s salary and other employment income (whether received from the public or private sector).