Tax Representation

We engage in dialogue and negotiations with tax authorities, representing clients in Tax assessments, audits, disputes, objections, appeals, and legal cases, ensuring our clients' interests are protected. Tax contentious matters about taxes, including audits and refund requests are handled by our tax practitioners and our associated practising lawyers handle disputes in the primary/ tax courts. Our tax practitioners who represent clients are typically involved after transactions have occurred and after returns have been filed. However, our contentious team may be consulted earlier on as well to help pre-emptively seeking clarification from the tax authorities, advance rulings, and prepare for a dispute if a matter is expected to be contentious. The work of such matters eventually becoming contentious and tax litigation, the process to which typically begins at the administrative level, how the case is built from the early stage and helps while the matter progresses to court if the matter is not resolved at the administrative level. Tax controversy work can involve not only civil matters, but also criminal tax evasions. We support in Tax Representations that are procedurally required in respect of liquidations of entities.